Creativity and Imagination Is Everywhere. 
It is a pleasure to meet you! 
I have nearly 30 years in management, mentoring and as an educator which has afforded me considerable experience in client/peer interaction including sales, teaching and mentoring servicing a wide variety of client relations. I am an effective communicator with the ability to prioritize multiple tasks. My responsibilities included assessment, planning and implementation, coordination and evaluation of the client’s needs.
I have been in the creative world my entire life. I have always been drawn to creativity.  When I was in third grade, I wanted to color my barbie dolls’ hair.  I went downstairs to the kitchen and got the food color dye; which I colored their hair, but I spilled it all over the carpet! Let just say, my mother wasn’t happy!  Most kids like to go to the toy store when I grew up;  I wanted to go to the stationary store !! I would go through my Dr. Seuss books and I would cut out pictures and make birthday/holiday cards for people. I was active in ballet, tap, and jazz. I performed The Nutcracker at the ages of 8-11 and was Clara. At the same time, I was acting in school plays and sang in the choir.
Art has such a great impact on me. I feel at home. As I was involved in all those activities I also wrote poetry which I am published and drew constantly. As my school years progressed to middle and high school, I continued to sing, act and dance. When I was in High School, I was in the International Competition for singing. I am trained in classical voice, which is Opera.After I graduated, I went to cosmetology school, here, I truly was in a creative element. The medium was a living human rather than a canvas. As my career as a cosmetologist continued, I went back to school for Visual Communications. I wanted to be able to do what I love doing best in the creative art world. Its graphic and website designing. 
I am comfortable working on my own or as a member of a team. I am a very hard-working individual with attention to detail and have excellent communication skills. I have work Adobe Creative Suite plus many more computer-based programs. In addition, I attended the University of Phoenix studying Education and Communication course and have an Associates Degree (2004) in Visual Communications, Phi Beta Phi.